2014 world cup weird unforgeTTable opening ceremony moments

       Well, well, well…well and what the hell??!! FIFA requested so much from Brazil, then when it was the time to deliver their opening ceremony presentation at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Sao Paulo, it was the worst World Cup opening ever. 😮


       There are so many talented show producers, choreographers and designers in Brazil who could have done such a marvelous job, but that amateurish looking performance was conceived by Italian-Belgian theater director  Franco Dragone, who once worked at Cirque du Soleil…need I say more?


       Anyway, here are some of those unforgettable moments from the Brazilian opening 2014 World Cup fiasco a la Franco Dragone:

      1 – It wasn’t Franco Dragone’s fault that the World Cup ceremony had so many empty seats…blame it on our President Dilma Vana Rousseff, and of course FIFA:

copa 10

2 – This indigene rowing imaginarily with a seat belt on:


3 –  This scary, sad ,strange and confused  tree’s expression says it all:

copa 2

   4 – I have nightmares just looking at this “samambaia” plant concept:

copa 3

5 – This silly Pitbull “mom capris” look can’t possibly get any worst ??

copa 5
   YESSSSSS. it can get worst:

copa 5 again

6 – How many years do they have to make sure everything was working properly?  I mean, couldn’t they calculate right the weight of J-Lo beautiful butt ? Claudia Leitte is already on her knees:

copa 4

    7 – Claudia Leitte is still down … did I mention that her little blue ensemble cost over one million US dollars???

copa 7

8 – There were moments J-Lo looked amazing…and others like this one…she just didn’t:

copa 9
    9 – Those small soccer balls…oh my God…I just can’t:

copa 8

    10 – Among so many other images…this is the one that I think why a Brazilian should have conceived the opening…and NOT Franco Dragone:

copa 6

  just saying…..

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