coca-cola drops the white polar bear can

     Coca-Cola finally drops the holiday arctic white coke can. I know it might seem weird, but it is not, I had to constantly reassure passengers on my flights that the can wasn’t Diet Coke, and I thought it was just me who was getting annoyed; apparently lots of complaints were posted on Coca-Cola’s official blog, Twitter and Facebook. Some people also said that it tasted different from the redcans. The can featuring the polar bear is a part of a campaign to boost the season sales and promote a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. Anyway by urging buyers to make $1 donations to the cause, which it pledged to match up to the value of $1 million, to help protect polar bear habitats. Well, since I think it is for a good cause, I could continuing take the annoyance.


by Gazelle Paulo

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