puTTin on the ritz at the cristal rOOm

Black Chandelier Private Room
at the Cristal Room Baccarat Restaurant

          Marie-Laure de Noailles(Vicomtesse de Noailles) was an eccentric Parisian and influential patron of the arts, who was linked to Luis Bunuel, Dali, Balthus and Man Ray, just naming a few. She and her husband Charles de Noailles moved in the 1920’s to the building where it is today the Museum Baccarat. The Cristal Room restaurant is situated in the former dining room of Marie-Laure de Noailles.
          The preserved space has been lightly upgraded by Phillipe Starck with perfect modern touches. Guy Martin with David Angelot carry the pleasurable kitchen responsibilities, and I must say indeed it is an experience. The history and the decor were superb. I think the ambience was a little slow compared to the suggested grandeur that the place implies. The music was flat, almost annoying…but the lighting was sublime! The first and main courses were divine, and the desserts were beyond perfection. Indeed….

           I have been to many exquisite places in Paris and around the world, once when I was 18 years old in a french restaurant the maitre d’ walked our party to our table walking backwards, never turned his back to us…I never forgot that. My sophisticated boyfriend at that time told me the reason why he was walking backwards was because it is considered rude to turn his back to the patrons. I thought it was hilarious. I was so young ! Today, if you ask me…I simply love these details, specially if the restaurant could be intimidating at first.

           Cristal Room is definitely a must go, for the food and the experience. Two little things bothered me, and they are just my observations, because as you know I like to observe: we were a party of four when we arrived, our fifth guest wasn’t sure if he was coming or not because of work related reasons. After a brief while, our waiter asked us if the guest was coming or not, because the kitchen was closing in 30 minutes and they needed our order in. You can say whatever you want, for me that was unnecessary, there are ways to get such information without perhaps adding the element of hurry. The second little annoying thing in such a beautiful room, our table was located next to a marvelous window, my eyes couldn’t help to notice that the blinds were plastic, honestly I didn’t touch them…so I can’t confirm they were plastic…I would like to believe that they were at least faux wood…

            These things might not be of no importance of whatsoever to you…however for me…they are interesting to notice, it is like a fun game I like to play…anyway, on your next trip to Paris, get on the “putting on the Ritz ” mood…but go to the Cristal Room !

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Main Room
Cristal Room Restaurant

by Gazelle Paulo

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