the sewing machines also on lincoln road


Last night I went for a walk on Lincoln Road; things have changed so much from the time I used to live here on Jefferson and 15th St to now…there are so many new stores and restaurants. At some point by far, I could see lots of camera flashes worthy of a red carpet. What was it? Tourist were going crazy with the already familiar display of hundreds of vintage sewing machines of the clothing store All Saints. It is really interesting, but at that particular store the traffic of people were so intense inside, but all they wanted to do was just to photograph the sewing treasures, and the sales people just stood there looking rather bored(so funny), I can honestly assume that some have no idea what the store sells, it is so overwhelming the amount of those great machines. It is good for the show, don’t know if it is good for business there. 





Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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