toto & dorothy at haRRods

photos by Gazelle

Every year the Christmas windows at Harrods have a theme, this time around The Wizard of Oz took over the main front part of the store, giving an warm welcome to the crowds that come to experience the insanity that is to shop at Harrods this season. Escada, Gucci, La Perla are some of the labels that are part of the  Christmas sets. I personally think that Harrods was more successful in other years, I felt that the majority of the sets were so over styled  that you couldn’t help but get lost with so much going on; if you are going to be that big, it should be really over the top like in the past…even Toto looked confused. Don’t take me wrong, I am not saying that they are not beautiful, but in past years I was in awe of some of those windows, which it didn’t happen this time, however, I loved the yellow brick road that they built. I know there were a lot more going on involving the theme inside the store….but honestly,  no I way I was going to get in !

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