miles deniro viciously aTTacked at maNNy & olgas piZZeria

Miles DeNiro
photo by Gazelle Paulo
in an event in New York City

       On the week of festivities that leads to the celebration of Gay Pride in New York City; Miles DeNiro (Heidi Glüm) who is one of our dear sisters was viciously attacked by two female patrons of Manny & Olgas, a very popular D.C pizzeria …yes, this happened in Washington D.C .

       Regardless how it started, the whole thing went out of control, leaving Miles with three large bumps, a huge gash on his head and several cuts on his arms.

        According to Miles DeNiro and you can see in the video above, she was attacked in the establishment while the staff remained behind the counter working and ignored the flight. Where was the manager when this was happening? To my horror, onlookers did nothing to stop the aggression…instead they watched, recorded and kept cheering it while Miles DeNiro was physically beaten by a Latino girl and her African-American friend …until two men who entered the place stopped the fight ! I wish I hadn’t posted the video, but it is important that people see it, and to take a stand if they would be in the same situation !

            There should be a law against people who just stands and watch when others are being attacked in public places …there should be some kind of punishment when a business establishment doesn’t take a stand for the security of their patrons…including all patrons…and the two aggressors? Wel, I hope Miles DeNiro will take this as far as it can go…someone needs to be punished for this…and there is a lot of guilty here to be equally divided !






Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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