miSSing my friends on world aids day

 aids1 by gazelle paulo


 Hello there,

As another year is passing by…I miss you so much, my darling friends…all 23 of you…some more than others, of course…sorry, but I am being myself as usual, but I do love you all.

I wish I could say this world has improved since you left. But it is a mess, not a hot mess, just a messed up stupid mess…where people continue to kill others, sometimes not even knowing their own reasons why. Believe me or not, but everybody is famous now, everybody is fabulous or fierce, or fabulous & fierce…and again, most of them don’t even know why also. I don’t know either. Would you ask Confucius or Platus why? Aristoteles won’t text me anymore. Maybe Andy knows. Anyway…

I don’t want to sound pessimist, so, I guess you are not really missing nothing much…but I do indeed miss you all, some more than others of course…Please send my love to Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Rivers. Joan should be here…to fire that Donald Trump.


with love, from your friend who still got you under my skin….

Gazelle Paulo

World Aids Day – December 1st


aids now now

Prezcobix Love by moi


by Gazelle Paulo


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