trump or treat: i’m with her



  • my trick or treat basket of Donald goodies
  • me as Donald Trump wearing a pussy by artist Scooter LaForge;

It is finally coming to an end. The fierce battle for the US presidency between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has left a country, and perhaps the world, exhausted and divided. Needless to say it was nasty, mean and surreal. Donald Trump lost me since day one; but when the explicit and horrible  Access Hollywood recordings came out in which he makes aggressive sexual comments about women, it was just simply enough. However, such disgust for him had actually inspired me to create a strong look for Halloween 2016.
“Gazelle Tramp – Lets Make America Tight Again” was indeed, and with no doubt, one of the scariest and bizarre concepts I have ever created. The idea that Donald Trump would be grabbing his own “pussy” was quite disarming to a lot of people who crossed paths with me when I was hosting the Halloween Ball by Susanne Bartsch at MoMA PS1 or walking up and down at the Halloween Parade in New York City.
Well, must I really say the look was a success…well, it is such a pity that theme behind was so controversial and sad…but that’s how I wanted to express how I feel about him.
So, please get out today and vote !!
I am with HER.


me in an amazing photo taken at MoMA PS1 by Mao Padilha


yes, I was chosen as one of the best costumes at MoMA PS1 by W Magazine

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

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